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Smith Island Rentals
Smith Island Rentals - places to stay in Ewell, Rhodes Point and Tylerton
A cooperative listing of rental accommodations on Smith Island
Your one-stop shop for places to stay in Ewell, Rhodes Point and Tylerton
    Mary Lee's House
Lovely Smith Island Home for Rent

Call 410-968-3566
We think you will agree that the calm of the island is its best feature. Our friends and family come primarily to relax. The only time we ever hurry is when we're late for the boat! We walk or ride our bikes everywhere. At this pace and low noise level you'll be able to take in the beautiful marsh birds, feel the breezes that rustle the tall grasses and hear the water that falls in the crab floats. Walking will give you a chance to appreciate the figs and pomegranates, the wild asparagus, and the huge cactus on Tyler Street!
Mary Lee's House
  • bedroom, bath

  • full sized kitchen

  • dinette

  • living room

  • washer and dryer

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